Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday Night Fondue

The remnants of our first Chocolate Fondue night of 2011!

In contrast to the last one, this time around was about the biscuits rather than the fruit! We had marshmallows, chocolate teddies, lemon creams, biscotti, caramelised onion biscuits and licorice, with some apple, nectarine and grapes thrown in for good measure. It was a fondue feast!

I bought Fair Trade chocolate again too, from the Oxfam Shop. 200g each of milk chocolate and dark chocolate did for the five of us, although I am sure that we could have managed to make it through more.

I am lucky to work close to the Perth Oxfam shop and can pop there quickly for tea and chocolate and any other goodies I wish to buy from them! The tea that we are provided at work is pretty nasty. I usually bring my own in from home but last time I ran out I headed to the Oxfam shop to try their wares!

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