Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend of shopping!

I had a big weekend of shopping this weekend. Well, big compared to my recent habits! I have been pretty conservative lately and trying to save some money to pay for and kit out our new house. Mortgages are very scary, and we currently have two.

On Friday night I went home via the city malls. On my way to Myer I stopped at Pulse Urban and checked out their stock. I was very excited to see that they sold Australian Labels that are made in Australia, and including Maiocchi, Dogstar and Lush. I tried on a vast variety of clothing - skirts and dresses and cardigans - and ended up purchasing myself two merino wool cardigans. The first is long sleeved and a bit drapery and royal blue and black striped. The second is short sleeved and black, more for the in between weather we should be having right now! The cardigan label is Isla and they are made in New Zealand. The website on the tag is designer textiles.

Following on I headed to Myer where my mission was to buy tights. I had a $10 voucher that expired today and so I was determined to use it. They handily had a sale on their hosiery - 30% off if you bought three items or more - so I took advantage. I bought some funky tights from two labels, Levante, made in Italy, and Columbine, also made in New Zealand! Awesome.

After the excitement of being able to buy clothes that were (hopefully) not made in a sweatshop, I looked forward to the Angove Street Festival today. E and I made it our destination for this morning. The festival was fairly busy, with a rock band at one end and a ukelele spectactular at the other.

I added to my list of locally made goodies and bought a funky woolly hat from mel p designs, some onesies lovingly wrapped at Future Shelter and some lovely t-shirts from inuk designs.

Now I just have to wait for the weather to cool down so that I can wear my new cardigans, tights and woolly hat! I love my wool clothing and I am excited as it seems that there is a much better range of choice available. Although perhaps I was just never looking in the right place.


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