Friday, January 4, 2013

Times they are a-changing

It has been a while since I felt inclined to blog about the happenings in my life.  So many things have changed!  It really coincided with my change of workplace.  I changed from my CBD office job - with great public transport options - to a site office, that I had to drive to.  I really didn't enjoy the drive.  It was a 45 minute trip as a minimum, each way, dependent on traffic.  Roadworks were a constant fixture of the journey.  I was fairly tired by the time that I got home, and work was also pretty full on (I replaced two men, both more senior than myself, go figure!) and so documenting my thoughts in a blog seemed unimportant.

So, since I last wrote there has been quite a lot happening.  In short, we have built a house, moved into it and sold our previous residence. Many, many pots of tea and pieces of cake have been consumed. 

Most importantly, we have welcomed a baby girl into the world and she currently is the centre of my world!