Monday, April 4, 2011

Ensuite: After

With a bit of elbow grease and planning the ensuite underwent a transformation. See here for its previous incarnation.

We updated the browny tan tiles with a blue charcoal floor tile and white wall tiles. I like it a lot better and it makes the room look much cleaner.

We replaced the corner vanity with a smaller unit. This had the advantage of using a lot less space in the room and means that we can at least now dance around each other! The toilet is now dual flush and the same unit that we installed in the upstairs WC as well as was already installed in the downstairs powder room. We had a new mirror installed above the vanity.

The shower has been updated and a glass screen installed to give it a cleaner, sleeker line. The towel racks are in the same place as we had already previously installed racks, we have just updated the hardware.

The ceiling looks so much better! We have had the ceiling and cornice replaced as the previous ceiling was mouldy and extremely thin. C managed to poke his finger through it in parts! The fan is new and the light fitting as well. The skylight was existing but has been painted to match the ceiling.


  1. It looks fantastic K - you & C have done a stunning job. Will show my C the pics :)

  2. Hi CaMel.
    It looks like you are catching up on your reading!

    If I get myself organised then I plan to post a set of before and after photos for our current house as a record. I have all of the pics from the real estate website before I bought it! We have not left a room untouched.

    You should see our bathroom at the moment. It is a mess. C is back on Monday so there should be more progress shortly.

    PS I have "during" shots as well for the ensuite. You should post pics of yours! The tiling that you guys did is so impressive.


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