Sunday, April 3, 2011

A birthday breakfast

I was invited to breakfast this morning with K&B's family to celebrate LittleA's birthday. It was so lovely to catch up with everyone. I managed to sneak in under the "family" banner and I am not complaining!

Breakfast was at Blue Water Grill in Applecross. It is such a lovely spot, and we were outside with a 180degree view of the river. Nice! I was conservative and went for the Continental Breakfast and with that you get grilled asparagus, smoked salmon, cerealsm yoghurt, fruit and cheeses. There was more than enough variety to keep me happy and I was glad to give the hot food a miss.

It would not be a birthday celebration without cake, and K made LittleA an awesome work of art!

It seemed a shame almost to cut it, but cut it she did and we all tried to fit cake in after our massive breakfast.

There is an awesome playground at Heathcote, and it was jam packed full of families enjoying the facilities. After breakfast we wandered around the corner and watched while LittleA dragged her Nana under, over and through the structure. Oh what fun!

I took some time out to enjoy the view. What bliss!

I took a punt and rode my bike to breakfast this morning. I was hoping that there would be somewhere for me to chain my bike! Thankfully there was one rack around the side of the venue, but there was not a lot of obvious spots that I could see to park your bike. I think that I should ride more frequently to events, as our weather encourages it and it will get me moving and out of my car.

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