Monday, May 31, 2010

It's nothing like it

I read about this new advertising campaign today. It is selling Australia to the world!

I am still unsure as to whether or not it is for real, or just a spoof. It is very cheesy - the images as well as the song - and it is times like this that I wish I was tone deaf!

Still, at least they clear up the myth that a koala is a bear.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coming out...

No, it's not quite what you might think. I have spent most of my life trying to avoid aussie rules and taking an interest. With C, it is not an option. He loves his football, and indiscriminately. He will watch every single game on a weekend if he can.

C is an Eagles supporter at heart, and the second AFL game I ever went to was with him in 2007 to the last final that the Eagles played at Subiaco. He bought me an Eagles scarf at that game, and although I have been to a few games since then I have not been able to bring myself to wear it.

Early on I have had a soft spot for the Dockers, probably because they were getting flogged every week and my hockey team was also getting flogged. Kind of a sympathetic thing, I could relate to their plight.

When people ask me who I barrack for I say I do not support anyone but that it would not be the Eagles in a Western Derby.

My indifference has shifted so far that we are actually heading over to Melbourne later in the year to watch a Dockers' game! The things you do when you are in love. I decided to buy myself a scarf to add to my wardrobe. Melbourne will be cold, and I will need something to help keep me warm!

At any rate I think it is great that the Dockers are doing so well, after years of being written off and underperforming. Hopefully we will be in for a treat on our Melbourne trip to make the flights seem all the more worthwhile!

Images here

All dressed up

A couple of weeks ago C and I got all dressed up to go to my (current) workplace's annual party. I had started there the day the invitations were sent out and was stoked that we would be able to attend.

They call it the annual party. This year the theme was "Russia" and the early entertainment was provided by Ukraine dancers. I could not help but wonder whether there was any bad sentiment due to the fact the theme was Russian and they were being represented by Ukraine dancers. I have not got a very good grasp on politics of the region so it was a passing thought.

We were placed on a random table and made some new friends. We sat next to a lovely lady and we spent a lot of the evening chatting to her.

Our table was in the back corner, away from the entertainment. This did not concern us and was especially convenient once the curtains at the back of the room opened to reveal a vodka bar!

There was dancing and merriment and fun was had by all. A great night out for us.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Winter is coming...

It is raining. And cold.
Photo taken approximately five hours after this one.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Walk

I suggested to my friend J that we go for Wednesday walks at lunchtime. I changed into tracksuit pants and a tshirt. She turned up in a skirt with her handbag! I love it! I think next time we will be more in tune with our attire.

Today we wandered up Mount Street to King's Park. The weather was sunny and warm, a contrast to the way the day ended. Neither of us had been up there for a while and we took the opportunity to stop and enjoy the view.

It was our first effort and hopefully we will be able to get into a routine. It looks like winter is finally coming though so we shall have to play it by ear as far as the weather is concerned.

It was nice to get out of the office and into the sunshine and just enjoy the fresh air.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Meaning of words

My friend KC and I had a conversation (via email) last week about the meaning and use of the phrases High Tea and Afternoon Tea.

KC is a knowledgeable lady - at school we used to call her "The Oracle" - and she had these words of wisdom to clarify:
"FYI, High Tea isn't the right term at all! High Tea is what working class English families called dinner - typically served "high" (or early) in the day. The correct posh term is Afternoon Tea. That came from the nobility."

When I invite my girlfriends around it is for Afternoon Tea. If we go out to eat then here in Perth the meal is usually referred to on the menu as High Tea, as illustrated by the photo above.

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet..." W. Shakespeare

So for me, the phrase Afternoon Tea conjures up the image of a relaxed afternoon at home with my girlfriends, drinking tea and eating sweet things. The phrase High Tea makes me think of going out to eat a large selection of tasty treats, presented on tiers. Same outcome, just a different location.

Photo was taken during this eating session!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kicking it all off with afternoon tea

I really enjoy being able to catch up with my female friends over a pot of tea and some cake. It felt like an aeon since I had seen any of them in a relaxed setting so today L, M+LittleK and J came over for some girl time.

I also wanted to get out some of the pretty china that I have been collecting and use it! I made sure to wash the dust out before the girls came over.

I made the madeira cake; M and L were responsible for the other goodies that you see.

One refill and a couple of hours later and we were all done!