Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tomorrow Ever After

My sister is a winner. That is, she enters competitions and wins! In this case it was a double pass to see the movie Tomorrow, When the War Began, courtesy of SixThousand. They advertise themselves as the "best cultural guide for things to do in Perth".

I have to confess to not being up to date with the latest book trends, and I had only recently heard of the John Marsden series that the movie is based on. I had not read the stories so was coming in with a fresh perspective. E had read the books but not recently enough to be able to pick complete holes in the differences.

It was a fun movie. Well, as fun as these things can be when your country has been invaded by a random local army wanting your resources. It did not take itself too seriously, the characters were interesting enough and only slightly cliched!

There was not too much violence and some cool explosions - obligatory for that style of movie - and you could appreciate that the situation of your home being invaded would be quite a thing to try to process and accept.

I would be happy to see more and to learn the fate of the characters. Oh, and of course it would be great if they could defeat the invaders however given how feeble our armed forces are implied in the movie it could be a long and bloody war.

It was refreshing to watch an invasion story that was not based in the US for a change. For some reason (in movies at least) all of the bad things happen to the Americans!

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