Sunday, October 10, 2010

Seven questions

The Lovely Lorta has put the challenge down, to answer seven questions. See here for her seven questions and answers. Thank you for the challenge Lovely Lorta!

1. What are you looking forward to doing this summer? To be honest I have not thought too much past the wedding. However... camping down at Peaceful Bay after Christmas will be great! N&D are joining us this time around and N and I can go trawling through cheese factories and wineries while the boys are catching fish.

2. What is the best live concert you've ever been to? There are so many that I have forgotten! Standouts though are:
Ash at the Lookout in Scarborough: I went not really knowing who they were and realised at the concert that they were the band my sister had been playing constantly in the car on our daily drive to uni!
Greenday at Burwsood Dome (2009): They rocked! They got the crowd on their feet during the first song and we bounced for the next two hours.
Ben Folds with WASO at King's Park: That man is a genius and the orchestra -with ducks! - took it to a new level.

3. What is your favourite type of chocolate? Currently it is dark chocolate coated orange. Yum! Chunks of real orange coated in beautiful dark chocolate. My first try was Delicaseys from the Paddington Markets in Sydney and I have recently discovered that Whistlers here in Perth make it as well. (Image from Delicaseys.)

4. Where is the most interesting place you've been on holiday? Climing Mount Sinai on the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. I think we started at about 1am. The idea was to climb to the top to watch the sunrise. The reality was that it snowed on our way up and the top was wreathed in cloud. We knew that the sun came up because it got lighter! It was the most amazing experience of my six month Europe adventure back in 2003.

5. What simple thing makes you the happiest? Good food and good company. Both at the same time and the pleasure is squared!

6. What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas? Hmmm, a Kitchenaid Food Processor! I have been coveting one for a while now but have not been able to justify the cost to myself. I have Mum's old food processor that I regularly try to break however it is not really up to the modern demands.

7. Please give me a good book recommendation! The book that springs to mind is "Almost French" by Sarah Turnbull. An interesting and entertaining story of an Aussie girl who moves to Paris to live with a Frenchman. I found it easy to understand her story, and the isolation she felt in trying to understand and fit into the completely different culture.

Questions over! I believe that this is meant to be one of those chain type things, tag seven people and give them seven new questions. Here are seven questions if you would like to play the game!

1. What is your favourite baking recipe?
2. How do you relax?
3. Who was the last person you wrote a letter to? (personal, not business)
4. What is longest distance that you have run?
5. What is your favourite smell?
6. What is your favourite season and why?
7. Who would you most like to go on a holiday with and why?

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