Friday, October 8, 2010

LL: Growing tomato seedlings

Topic:Growing tomatoes from seed

Outcome:We had an indiffferent tomato crop last year. I attributed it to the fact that after we had germinated our tomato seedlings indoors, we kept them inside for too long, out of direct sunlight, and they were starved of light and fresh air. I went to the other extreme this year. I planted the seeds much later than last season and left the tray outside from the beginning.

Only two out of twenty seeds planted have germinated. That includes seven different types of tomatoes (I planted two seeds each), chilli and capsicum (total six seeds).

  • Be aware of the overnight temperatures outside. I believe that the seeds failed to germinate as it was too cold at night.

  • Germinate my seeds indoors, then sit them on a window sill to grow stronger before taking them outside to acclimatise. I think that this is the best option. It is how we did it the first time we grew tomatoes from seed!

Thankfully we have a long growing season and all is not lost. This weekend I will concede defeat on the seeds that I planted and will try again! I will nurture my plants through until they are strong enough to take outside.

PS How cute are those little eggshells? Coincidentally the gardener has used them to grow tomatoes!


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