Saturday, October 2, 2010

Senses of Austen

Today has been a day for watching Austen. Chad is safely at the pub for the AFL grand final (again) and I have the house to myself.

I have recently overcome my (perhaps irrational) aversion to Sense and Sensibility and watched the 1981 masterpiece. I also have added the novel to my collection and it kept me occupied on the bus this week.

I always enjoy the intricacies of the society in the Austen novels and I was trying to pinpoint what exactly it is that I enjoy so much about the BBC adaptations.

1. The beautiful crockery. I am generally envious of the pretty table settings enjoyed by the families. I love to see the table set for breakfast, or the teaset out for tea.

2. The dialogue. So formal and flowing. I especially like the contrast between the manners of the different characters, usually the women. Elinor who always acts and behaves correctly and Marianne who is somewhat careless of forms.

3. The obsession to marry, and marry wisely. As a general rule, Austen's heroines are not desperate for marriage, but there is usually at least one or two characters in each story with that object in mind.

Are you a fan of Jane Austen? What aspects do you especially enjoy?

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