Sunday, October 3, 2010

A show fit for royalty

Last Monday on the public holiday C, E and I went to the Perth Royal Show! Last time I went was the day that the Eagles lost the AFL grand final to the Swans (it was nice and quiet that day) and E hadn't been since uni so we were keen to check out the action.

We were a fairly sedate group. We wandered through most of the exhibitions, tried the free samples at the WA Pavilion and Dairy Pavilion. We ended up buying one showbag between the three of us and C and E went on a ride whilst I looked after the bags.

It was large dogs on show the day that we went. E and I were both slightly disappointed as we wanted to see the toy dogs! Still, we admired the Rottweilers, Samoyeds and Dobermanns that we saw.

Sleeping ducky. The poultry shed was quite loud with many roosters and it had its own distinct aroma.

Man making honeycomb at the Whistlers stall. Yum!

Croatia was the featured country. They imported this icecream from Croatia especially for the Royal Show!!

For some reason the animals all had their backs to the crowds. Maybe they were trying to tell us something.

High flying exploits. If you look really close the rider in mid-air is horizontal on his bike!

I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay...

The crowds in sideshow alley. Mad.

E and C on the ride. You have to zoom in closely but they are there. At the front.

A crafty crocheted farmyard. E pointed out that the scale was all wrong but I did not think that it mattered too much.

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