Monday, July 12, 2010

A birthday sponge

On Saturday night we went out for dinner to celebrate the birthdays of Mum and Uncle Robert. We bypassed dessert as my Aunt had made a sponge cake in their honour! She used my Auntie Marlene’s recipe and I scribbled down the details while they were fresh in her memory.

My Auntie Marlene passed away in 1994. She was 49 years old and had been fighting breast cancer for some years. She and my Mum were best of friends and they had travelled Europe and the Americas together in their younger days.

My Auntie’s cakes were the absolute best! She made great fruit cakes at Christmas time, wicked cream puffs, awesome black forest cake and light and delicate sponge cake.

After tasting Auntie S’ cake last night I am inspired and determined to give the recipe a crack and see if I can approach the lightness that Auntie Marlene used to achieve.

Happy birthday to Mum and Uncle Robert.

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