Sunday, July 25, 2010

A baby shower

It was lovely to be invited to celebrate the iminent arrival of S&RH's first child. The party was held at their house, organised very effieciently by her friends. I stayed until the end, after most of the guests had left and RH came home to help SH unwrap their gifts.

There were many tasty treats to be had, including my contribution. The most impressive was a croquembouche made fresh by her friend M. She used this recipe to create her work of art. It inspired me to experiment a little more with my creme pattiserie recipe.

SH unwrapping a potty. There was much discussion about tips for cleaning it but I tuned out. Lalalaaaaa...

Expectant father RH getting involved.

Many of S&RH' friends are parents, so the gifts were very practical. There was an abundance of baby wipes and nappies and blankets and bibs and all sorts!

A fantastic spread. The orange cupcakes were lovely and moist and I was in heaven with the creme patisserie in the profiteroles. Yum! Check out the three tier nappy cake (non edible) on the left.

Laundry baskets of loot! Their new baby will be very well provided for.

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