Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gruen WA

Just watching The Gruen Transfer and I found The Pitch tonight very topical. Essentially, they are trying to sell the concept of WA becoming a separate country. Our premier is seemingly getting more and more irritated by his federal counterparts wanting our GST money and our minerals.

Two pitches were made.
Firstly to build a Cashed Up Bogan Proof fence across the WA border to keep all of the CUBs out of the rest of the country.
Secondly the secession of WA would mean that the Australian Football League could become the World Football League as more than one country would be playing it.

I did find the pitches highly amusing. I found both concepts relevant as I work in the Cashed Up Bogan industry and C is such a huge fan of AFL.

Check out the pitches and you can vote for your favourite.

In rocks we trust!!

HINT: Cashed up bogans can afford to fly in aeroplanes, especially with all of the frequent flyers points they have accrued from their fly in fly out lifestyle. Aeroplanes can fly over Cashed Up Bogan Proof fences.

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