Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting around on my treadly

I found this article by the ABC very topical, at least for me. I do try to reduce the use of my car where I can, for short trips. If I have the time I walk to the shops to by groceries on a Saturday. Using my bicycle would increase my hunting range however I am reluctant to do so more for security reasons.

I am happy to ride my bike to work as I have a secure area in which to lock my bike, a locker for my gear and more importantly shower facilities! I take lights etc off it just in case, and lock the bike up. My helmet I store in my locker.

I am less comfortable with the thought of riding my bike to the shops, when I am short of time and walking will take too long. There are a few places to chain your bikes but they are quite exposed with pedestrians walking past frequently.

I also thought about riding to my physio appointments. The practice is close to home but in an awkward spot from a public transport point of view. The only place there to tie up my bike would be to the parking signs, and I do not think it would be too difficult to lift a bike up and over the sign if you had the inclination.

So... I think that they do not just have to look at improving paths for cyclist, but also more amenities for chaining your bike up for security purposes, and not just in the City of Perth but surrounding councils too. Oh, and they definitely need to educate Perth drivers!

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