Friday, June 11, 2010

Girls Night In - Party Passions

Last night I was privileged to attend a Party Passions cooking class, organised by the Cancer Council. I did not realise how privileged until we were there and Erica from the Cancer Council explained. Last year the Girls Night In campaign in WA raised $275 000 and the girls that were at the class were responsible for 10% of that figure! I was amazed and very humbled. I knew how much my event had made and it all pointed to some of the ladies there raising significant amounts. We learned that one lady had raised over $5000 and there were two ladies next to us who had raised over $9500. Wow.

The class itself was called Party Passions and was run by Nico Moretti of Cooking Passions Cooking School. More about the class here. The food was all canape style and he gave us tips on how and what we could prepare in advance.

It was definitely a good night, very relaxed and it was great to meet some inspiring ladies! Thank you to the Cancer Council for the opportunity.

Thank you also to my wonderful friends who indulge me every year and attend my Girls Night In afternoon tea, and donate so generously!

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