Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quarterly Update: Goals for 2011

Without even checking up on my Goals for 2011 I am fairly confident that I have not achieved any of them. Yet.

A five day weekend is coming up at Easter time. C is working so I will have time on my hands, and I think it will be a great opportunity to try and knock a few of my goals off! I am going to aim for the following three:
2. making a skirt
3. rejuvenating my footstool
4. making macarons

Hopefully I have enough time to organise the bits and pieces I will need for these three times, especially the fabric for reupholstering the footstool as I plan to purchase it online.

2. A skirt
My list of items to make a skirt includes:
  • a pattern!

  • fabric

  • Mum's sewing machine

  • thread and accessories etc

  • the expertise of C's mother for zips etc
I think that a pencil skirt would be nice, the majority of the skirts that I own are A-line. So, whilst that could possibly be easier to make I would like to add something new to my wardrobe.

I did a whole semester of sewing when I was in Year 8. I have actually made a dress at one point in my life but it has been a long while since! This will be a real challenge.

3. My footstool
My list of bits and pieces to rejuvenate the footstool includes:
  • fabric to reupholster

  • fabric for the underside

  • trim

  • Spray paint

  • sandpaper

  • new cushion

I also think that I will need to deconstruct it to see how to put it back together.

4. macarons
There is not too much early preparation required for this, I should be able to buy the ingredients on the Easter weekend. My biggest is to determine what flavour I wish to try!

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