Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goals for 2011

This was meant to be posted on the 2nd January, however I once again got confused about the US date system and scheduled it for 1st February. Does anyone know how to change that??

A new year means a new set of goals. I had written down only one goal for 2010 and I did not achieve it, so it is top of my list for next year!

1. Achieve professional certification.
Embarrassingly, I have not done this yet. I need to finish it before my next performance review in May, as it will be awkward to admit that for yet another year I have failed to achieve it, so there is my incentive!

2. Make a skirt, and possibly coordinating top, using my Ink & Spindle gingko fabric.

3. Re-cover my footstool.

4. Successfully make macarons.
I have to have a cooking achievement in here somewhere, and macarons are something that I say I will attempt but never get around to.

5. Visit a place that I have never been to.
Exmouth in May should cover that goal and I will work on getting to more than one. Actually maybe my goal should be to get Chad to a place that he has never been...

6. Run the City to Surf.
I signed up this year but had a nasty cold on the week of the run. Nasty enough that I had three sick days off work (and should probably have had more), in case anyone suggests that it was an excuse!

7. Get my skippers ticket so that I can drive our boat!

8. Spend more time with friends and family.
This is something that is hard to define. I shall try to keep it in mind however and make sure that I keep in regular contact with friends.

9. Clean something once a week.
Cleaning is not one of my favourite pasttimes and so it can be a long time between scrubs! I shall endeavour to be more consistent this year.


There is still room for one more, I would like a nice, round ten so I will have to keep thinking!!

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