Saturday, March 12, 2011

Keeping it clean

I bought C a new toy today. I am such a good wife! It is a Dyson Turbine Plus vacuum cleaner.

We have been discussing buying ourselves a Dyson vacuum cleaner for a while, but the cost has put us off. I finally looked up on the Dyson website this week to see where they were sold and discovered that Myer sold them. We had quite a few gift vouchers for Myer and this is what C decided that they should be spent on.

C did the legwork during the week and I was told that my task for today was to go in to Myer and purchase him a new machine. They currently have 15% off, and with all of the remaining wedding vouchers and Christmas gifts we only had to outlay less than $200 for our machine. Yay!

First impressions are that it is very easy to handle, a pretty funky design (apparently Dysons are exhibited in a few of the world's modern art museums!) and most importantly it is capable of sucking up any loose hair off the floor. C is in heaven.


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