Friday, March 11, 2011

A girls night out...

On Monday night Mum, E and I went to the movies. The men in our lives (Dad and C) declined the invitation to join us and so it was a girly affair.

I do prefer the independent cinemas, however E had given C and I free tickets for Hoyts for Christmas and we used those on Monday. I was stunned to find out that movie tickets now cost $18 each! E also treated herself to some popcorn and a drink and they totalled $13 for the smallest serves.

Expensive night out aside, the movie was excellent. We watched "The King's Speech", a movie that I had been interested in seeing before the Oscar buzz, and with its awards it made me wish to see it on the big screen!

The focus was on Colin Firth's King George VI and he gave us a character who we could empathise with. Helena Bonham-Carter was charming as his supportive wife. Being Australian, Geoffery Rush' character was someone who we could identify with and we laughed at his casual dismissal of rank.

The treatment in the movie of a slice of history was fascinating, and I could not help but wonder how much of what was portrayed was accurate. It left me wanting to know more about that period and the characters.


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