Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Market days

It has been a few weeks ago now since E and I checked out the Christmas markets on offer. I was late meeting her for the Subi market - our original plan was for me to go to her house around 4.30pm and then we would walk down for the start of the festival at 5pm. Our plans were thrown out of the window as C and I needed to meet a man about a retaining wall for our new house. These things happen and eventually he dropped me in Subi at 7pm to catch up with my sister.

We popped into Mr Sparrow, a shop with an eclectic mix of old and new and all things beautiful. It was then onto the Subi Festival and Subi Upmarket for a power shop! There were many beautiful items but I had no excuse to buy many of them so I was in admiration mode. See here for my purchases.

We tried to find a restaurant to eat dinner at, unfortunately for us they were all packed due to the festival and so we ended up heading away from the crowds and into town to eat! It ended up being our first of three Chinese meals in the space of a week. Not that I was counting.

The Sunday afterwards E and I went to Fremantle to check out the Bazaar at Fremantle Arts Centre. It was a fairly mellow event, with a mix of familiar and new stalls! The flavour was definitely Fremantle. We also browsed through the Home Open exhibit. It features selections from the private collections of a range of Fremantle artists, and the display was fascinating. I definitely recommend a look if you're down that way.

We topped off our day with a visit to the new B&M Store, where they stock a delightful range of all things felt and beautiful objects. They are another reason now to visit that part of High Street Fremantle.

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