Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fruit mince pies!

I love fruit mince pies. They are one of the things about Christmas that I look forward to every year! Last year I attempted my first ever home made fruit mince pies and I enjoyed them so much that I wanted to share them with my friends!

Two weeks out from Christmas though and most people already have plans. Still, I managed to scrounge up four friends and we enjoyed an afternoon of fruit mince pies, apple custard glen, white christmas and vanilla slice!

I was excited too that I was able to pull out some of my pretty china. Clockwise from the bottom left corner are Royal Albert Moonlight Roses, Royal Albert 100 Years 1900s Regency Blue, Royal Albert Silver Maple (vintage), and Duchess (vintage). The two vintage sets were Kitchen Tea gifts from my friend L and my sister E. Yay!

I was also able to use our new Noritake Toorak Noir teapot, sugar bowl and creamer. So very excited to use our pretty crockery.

Recipe, tips 1 and tips 2.

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