Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Go Gorillaz!

E and I went to the Gorillaz concert last night at the Burswood Dome. It was AWESOME!! The concert itself was such good fun, the music flowed for a couple of hours and there were some awesome special guests.

I was curious to see how they handled the fact that the Gorillaz are cartoon characters, and it seems that a massive screen and huge band were the way that they coped! We were treated to Little Dragon and De La Soul as the support acts, and both acts made it back on stage during the Gorillaz to join in the fun! De La Soul in fact are part of the Gorillaz performance group and it was awesome to see songs being performed live!

Damon Albarn, the main voice behind Gorillaz, was in fine form and he bounced his way around the stage and tried to get the crowd enthused. At one point he commented on our "weird" venue - I cannot remember his exact words - but what he said rang true! Getting into the Burswood Dome is fairly straightforward but exiting through the airlocks is a pain in the rear, as the crowds bank up behind the revolving door bottle neck.

It was such good fun and E and I were buzzing as we made our way home! I half joked that we should fly to Adelaide tomorrow for their next concert. Woo!

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