Sunday, August 15, 2010

Washing up a storm!

I thoroughly recommend living with an electrician. Very handy to have around the house, especially when light fittings fall off the ceiling (true!) or your washing machine plays up...

I had a domestic day last Sunday. Raosting a chicken, doing the washing... My idyll was interrupted by loud appliance noise. To be honest I thought that it was the oven again. The oven fan had been playing up and Chad had dissected it and worked his magic and made the noise go away.

Walking into the kitchen I realised that the noise was actually coming from the laundry. Oh no! Once I opened the door it was obvious that something wasn't right with the washing machine.

I figured out that it was the drain function, as the motor kept grinding when I switched the machine to "drain" and then to "stop". The only way to give myself relief from the noise was to turn off the power.

After having to replace the hot water system I was not keen on forking out more money to buy a new washing machine, especially considering it is only six and a half years old. I put out a distress call to my repairman and asked if his talents stretched to washing machines.

Never fear! Chad came home from work and proceeded to dissect the washing machine. He found the offending drain pump, and removed it from service. A quick trip the next day to the service centre to buy a new part and he worked his magic to make the washing machine as good as new!

The offending part, trying to look innocent.

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