Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting in hot water

Our gas storage hot water system had been on its way out for a while. Last winter we had a few windy days when the pilot was blown out and the slow drips from the tank kept the element damp. We knew that the hot water system would need replacing, it was just a matter of how long we could keep it working!

Last month I received a call from a very angry Chad while I was at work. The hot water system had gone out again and he managed to singe (or nearly!) his eyebrows trying to relight the pilot. He ended up draining the water out of the bottom of the system by drilling a couple of holes in the base!

After he had calmed down he rang a plumber to get a quote for replacing the hot water system and eventually we settled on a 5 star system. He looked at changing to a continuous flow unit, however the piping would also need to be replaced and so we stuck with gas storage. I insisted on the five star energy rated unit, rather than the cheaper 3 star system.

Quick work for the plumber and we are very happy with our new hot water system! The water is a fantastic temperature and washing dishes you definitely need to wear thick gloves to be able to put your hands into the water.

Out with the old... it lasted over twelve years, not a bad innings! Note the tape on the lower cover.

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