Saturday, August 7, 2010

Adventures in the land of pineapples - part 1

My sister E had an exam to go to this year. Even before I knew where it would be I offered to come along as moral support and for the adventure (as adventurous as you get here in suburban Australia!). In the lottery she received Nambour and we made plans to visit the Big Pineapple and Brisbane.

E and I ready for our adventure to the land of pineapples.

The electrifying view from our motel room in Brisbane. It buzzed. I crossed my fingers that the earthing calculations had been done correctly!

Mapleton Falls. This was as close as we got. E did not have sensible shoes with her so we couldn't go on the scenic walk.

The big pineapple!

After the excitement of seeing such a large pineapple, we wandered the main street of Nambour in search of lunch and a haircut. As you can see the weather was foreshadowing E's exam the next day.

Last minute exam cramming.

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