Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunday markets

Last Sunday E and I went to the Perth Upmarket and the Unwrapped Market. Two different markets, and both interesting in their own way! The Perth Upmarket is now held at the University of Western Australia. Whenever I go there I am reminded of how lovely the grounds and the buildings are. I spent a few years at uni and you take it for granted as a student. The only times we went into Winthrop Hall were for exams or graduation so it makes a difference to see it all decked out with stalls and people and happy moments.

The Unwrapped Market is held in conjunction with the Perth Fashion Festival. Every year I say to myself that I am going to attend a fashion event or two, and invariably I never get around to it. Maybe next year!

It was a beautiful day for a market, and the warmth and sunshine of Unwrapped was a lovely contrast to the cold indoors of the Upmarket.

After we had satisfied our thirst for markets we wandered into Northbridge in search of lunch. I realised that I have no idea what this tower is for, and what building it used to belong to. It looks a little lonely standing tall by itself.

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