Saturday, September 25, 2010


Today was quite a peaceful day for me, doing the laundry, chasing up lost wedding invitations and brushing up on my Jane Austen.

Still, it is difficult to escape that today is the Grand Final of Australia's favourite sport (at least it is here in WA and Victoria and possibly SA) and I was curious to see that the game has ended in a draw.

I would have thought, given the hype and the leadup to the game, that they would have a mechanism for deciding a winner from a drawn game. It seems anticlimactic for the players and the spectators to lob up in a week to try all over again. Okay, the sponsors and the broadcasters might make money out of it, but how do the players and fans maintain their enthusiasm for watching?! What happens if the result is again a draw?

We shall have to see how this week pans out.

Being a hockey player and umpire, extra time is the most obvious solution to me and after that some sort of penalty system or more extra time with reduced numbers of players on the field. Evenutally you have an outcome.


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