Sunday, May 30, 2010

All dressed up

A couple of weeks ago C and I got all dressed up to go to my (current) workplace's annual party. I had started there the day the invitations were sent out and was stoked that we would be able to attend.

They call it the annual party. This year the theme was "Russia" and the early entertainment was provided by Ukraine dancers. I could not help but wonder whether there was any bad sentiment due to the fact the theme was Russian and they were being represented by Ukraine dancers. I have not got a very good grasp on politics of the region so it was a passing thought.

We were placed on a random table and made some new friends. We sat next to a lovely lady and we spent a lot of the evening chatting to her.

Our table was in the back corner, away from the entertainment. This did not concern us and was especially convenient once the curtains at the back of the room opened to reveal a vodka bar!

There was dancing and merriment and fun was had by all. A great night out for us.

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