Friday, July 1, 2011

A cupcake class

On Wednesday night BakingN and I made our way to The Home Provedore in Fremantle to take part in their Cupcake Class! We were not sure what exactly to expect. We have made the odd cupcake or two before but thought that it would be fun to see another perspective.

The class was fairly simple and we watched as chef Brittany talked us through her Vanilla Cupcake recipe. Once the batter was made, she split it into four and showed us how she changed the flavours by adding different ingredients. The flavours were vanilla, coconut & lime, pear & white chocolate and chai. I was impressed by the chai flavoured cupcakes, and next time I go to a supermarket I am going to look for the chai powder. Brittany was happy to answer any and all questions that we asked about cupcakes and baking in general.

Whilst the cupcakes were baking Brittany showed us how to make buttercream icing and demonstrated some basics with the piping bags. It was then our turn to swirl small blobs of icing and try and master the technique.

The cupcakes that we tried were luscious and moist and it was difficult to remember to leave enough for the rest of the class to try. Yum!

For more detail on our evening click here.

The (pleasant) surprise for me was that we all got to take four cupcakes home, one of each flavour. They had been previously baked and hidden from in boxes at the back of the room. Brittany had piped icing on two of them and we got to practice our skills again on our own cakes. No prizes for guessing what two cakes have my piping efforts on the top!

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