Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fabrics and table linen

In burst of enthusiasm I ordered some fabrics and table linen last night. The fabrics were from Ink & Spindle and the napkins from Thea & Sami. I thought that the fish were extremely appropriate as C is a keen fisherman.

Ink & Spindle have many lovely designs however at the moment they are experiencing a supply issue and the available designs are limited. I am still looking for inspiration for the fabric for my footstool, and I am thinking that I will grab the blue version of this Kangaroo Paw print once it is back in stock. They make use of organic base fabrics and environmentally friendly, solvent free inks.

Thea & Sami also use organic fabrics and print with water-based, solvent free inks. I thought that their fish motif was very cute, and E gave it the thumbs up.

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